FLUID Dermatek Thinner


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Thinner, can be mixed with all FutureColor pigment lines.

With the new FutureColor line, Dermatek has achieved the goals they’ve been after for years: stability, performance and safety, all while respecting all european regulations.

Dermatek pigments can all be mixed with one another and allow to create an infinite number of shades without having to buy a great amount of pigments. Safety is of the highest importance for Dermatek, and for this reason FutureColor pigments are biocompatible and of PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY – there is no trace of heavy metals, iron oxides or aromatic amines, as well as no trace of preservatives and fragrances, avoiding all possible allergies – and most of all, they are NICKEL FREE. FutureColor pigment powders undergo highly technological production processes and thorough quality controls, making Dermatek pigments among the best in the world.

Each substance in our pigment has been selected, tested and purchased in its HIGHEST PURITY. The highly technological production process ensures the elimination of all contamination, guaranteeing product purity and the highest sterility levels.

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