About Us

Carolyn Laura

I am the co-founder of Carla Training Health and Beauty and the main PMU Educator. Over 20 years in the beauty industry and 12 years in semi permanent makeup itself brought enough experience to create courses that are exceptionally packed with practical knowledge. I was honoured to be a member of jury during International Micropigmentation Awards 2017 in London. Since I am aware how crucial is the confidence in performing PMU treatments, you get 12 months after course support to ensure you provide professional and safe service.

MA Psychology, University of Szczecin

Olimpia Sobota

I plan and organise master classes, seminars and courses. As an internal quality assurer, I supervise the trainings and ensure that Carla Training Health and Beauty provides the highest standard of education. Apart from serving administrative role, I am also the centre’s beauty therapist passionate about anti-aging skincare. As a certified teacher and assessor, I look after our trainers actively contributing towards their career and personal development through individual and group sessions.

BSc Business Management and Leadership, University of Leeds

Our Values


We value your achievement, and we aim to provide you with tools and knowledge to complete your training successfully.


Our trainers complete only recognised courses in reputable schools in the UK and abroad, and we are eager to remain a credible academy for you.


All our students always gain our trust and gratitude, and we remain loyal to them by sharing industry news, providing on-going support, and recommending their strengths to other people.


Your knowledge is the key to your success – we are aware of this truth, and we take responsibility for your education, leaving you confident and knowledgeable in the subject.


We cherish relationships with our students by believing in a free information flow and teamwork, providing on-going support and strengthening trust.

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