DERMATEK genesis

Dermatek is born from the fusion of the creative mind and the great PMU experience of Anna Taraborrelli, international operator and Master teacher, and the business and commercial experience of Domenico Taraborrelli. The main idea was to create a manufacturer company for the operator, with a keen eye for Made in Italy innovation, quality and craftsmanship.

The company also includes the International Dermatek Academy founded and directed by Anna Taraborrelli, which aims to establish new teaching protocols and higher standards.

Dermatek directly produces devices, pigments, cosmetics and accessories for permanent make-up by collaborating with young Italian engineers and relying on skillfull craftsmen who create real works of art. Innovative, with a clean and essential design and high beauty, Dermatek products are 100% Made in Italy.

We tirelessly seek absolute quality and innovation.

First from the idea, than from design to manufacturing, up to the final product, we always guarantee the best.

Kania Alia

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Linea Post Trattamento Post treatment

PMU Devices

Born and produced in our laboratories, Lisa One is the most technological, the most performing and the most complete makeup tattoo machine for all kinds of treatments such as Permanent make up, Paramedical dermapigmentation, Meso and Hair pigmentation. Lisa One was created with the use of all the knowledge of Italian technology and design, thus representing a High Tech product for dermapigmentation professionists. It is designed by experts in the field to be a complete touch-screen console, with a structured menu that allows it to be a multifunction device.


With the new FutureColor line, Dermatek has achieved the goals they’ve been after for years: stability, performance and safety, all while respecting all european regulations. Dermatek pigments can all be mixed with one another and allow to create an infinite number of shades without having to buy a great amount of pigments. Safety is of the highest importance for Dermatek, and for this reason FutureColor pigments are biocompatible and of PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY - there is no trace of heavy metals, iron oxides or aromatic amines, as well as no trace of preservatives and fragrances, avoiding all possible allergies - and most of all, they are NICKEL FREE. FutureColor pigment powders undergo highly technological production processes and thorough quality controls, making Dermatek pigments among the best in the world.

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