DERMA HANDS Sanitiser 1000ml


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Dermatek hand sanitiser, with its physiological PH, can respect the skin while maintaining its balance, at
the same time being able to guarantee an extreme disinfectant efficiency, thanks to the effect of alcohol
in a percentage higher than 70%. This is an anti-bacteria gel that at the same time is able to take care of
the skin, thanks to the combination of Clorexidine and Tea Tree (guaranteeing the gel’s disinfectant power),
of the Aloe (guaranteeing a soothing effect against skin degradation) and essential Mint and Pomegranate
oils, to give it a pleasant scent. In order to better take advantage of Dermatek’s sanitiser’s qualities all that’s requires is rubbing a small quantity of gel on one’s hands, carefully cleansing every inch of skin, and let it air dry.

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